10 Best WordPress themes for your Event Website


It surely is hard to execute your event without having a proper medium to find participants in the first place. After the registration hassle, you might want the same medium to handle all the scheduling, speaker showcase/management, feedbacks, etc in the way you are comfortable with.

We have gathered numerous WordPress event themes with proper reasoning on why it may be ‘the’ choice for your event. These are some of the best WordPress event themes you can download in 2020.

One Page Conference

If you ever wanted to handle your multiday or single-day events like a professional, you should surely check out this theme called One Page Conference where you get to customize every little aspect of your event. The best part of this theme is that the core things like schedule management, sponsor management, sliders, banners, etc come with the price of absolutely free.

Why One Page Conference?

  • Useful for any type of conference
  • So many good features for free
  • Their themes and plugins are dedicated to Event Websites
  • Easy to use for small and large scale events
  • One of the best Schedule Management Features for Events.
  • Feature to showcase Sponsors logo
  • No extra coding required, just drag & drop, customize and change colors & fonts


As one of the versatile theme, OceanWP just gets the job done for the event side as well. It is one of the best choices for hosting a single day event.

Why OceanWP?

  • Customizable colors to match the palette of your event
  • Event countdown timer


The best feature of this particular theme delivers is the customizable compatibility of speakers. If your event is related to the proper highlight of Speakers, then you would love it.

Why OpenEvent?

  • Sell tickets online
  • Highlight numerous speakers


This theme power packs an impressive layout called Neve Events where you can experience the true features that promote your event extensively.

Why Neve?

  • Elementor compatibility
  • The layout looks modern and responsive on all devices


This theme is rich in terms of backend features like managing different layouts, contents, etc. You can use the drag and drop feature as well to show your creativity in making the best design possible.

Why Eventum?

  • Design is really impressive with an eye-catching interface
  • A lot of backend features
  • Easy to use


From importing Demo on the website to making adjustments according to the theme of the event, Exponent has good terms on making sure you get the best out of the price paid. The theme is ready for you to start promoting your event website.

Why Exponent?

  • Flexibility is on the next level
  • Supports WooCommerce for payment related to tickets
  • Interactive demos


Exhibiz offers templates for almost all your pages with easy to customize features. This enables you to insert all the needy information about your event. The support for the Elementor page builder just makes everything better.

Why Exhibiz?

  • Elementor support
  • Easy-to-customize information and layout


This business-focused theme comes with a stylish set of templates that helps you to promote the core idea of the event and the event itself. Theme theme is mobile responsive so every little feature can be accessed by users viewing your event website.

Why Uptime?

  • Everything is optional so you can choose how your homepage looks
  • The Elementor page builder is supported by the theme
  • Colour customization is possible


This theme is mostly dependent on the customizer part of the event website. This means you can benefit all the features from the customizer itself. This promotes the concept of easy-to-use for both viewer and user.

Why Infinite?

  • The multipurpose feature improves the flexibility of the theme
  • Extremely viewer-friendly


If you ever wanted a high-quality website to make sure all the information related to your event is showcased properly, then you can try out this particular theme. You can add enough CTA buttons, customizable header, footer, sidebars to your interest as well.

Why Projektor?

  • Relevant templates helping to make interesting designs
  • Interactive widgets make your website give a user-friendly aura


All these themes may have common features but your taste can be different. You can try out some of the themes which are appealing to you. Leave a comment on what you think or which you picked for your event website.

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