8+ Best CDN Service Providers for 2022

CDN Service Providers

CDN Service provider speeds up your website’s load time. It also makes it crash-resistant by distributing the load to multiple servers. While developing a website, you need to implement a powerful CDN service provider. This will help you to get the top SEO rank.

As we know, a single second delay in website load speed may decrease your audience. And nobody wants it, do we? So today, in this article, we are going to discuss a list of the best 8+ CDN service providers.

Just go through the article and get the best one for your site.

Here, we go:

Importance of CDN Service Provider for 2022

  • Increase site loading speed
  • Boost in Rankings
  • Improve Website Performance
  • Increases Website Security

CDN Service Provider


CDN Service provider

StackPath is a powerful CDN Service provider that comes with amazing features. It is easy to use, even a beginner can deal with it very well. StackPath offers a beautiful control panel and a large network of servers. With this, you can make your site load faster for users around the world. Since it offers DDoS protection, you need not worry in terms of security.


  • Enhance security with Web application firewall
  • Provides free private SSL certificates
  • Worldwide network monitoring
  • Protect your origin server from request overload
  • DDoS protection


CDN Service provider

Is your company serving global clients? If yes, you must go with Cloudflare. It has global networks with 200+ data centers worldwide. Among these, most of them are located in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. So, your clients can easily get access to fast-loading sites from around the world. Cloudflare is well known for its security as it can handle traffic surges and DDoS attacks on your website. 


  • Caches data by file types
  • Anycast Network boost a site’s speed
  • Handle large DDoS attacks
  • Cache optimization
  • Fast video delivery service
  • Support for HTTP/3


CDN Service provider

Sucuri is an amazing CDN Service provider that improves page speed and reduces server load by 70%. It is a popular website security company and offers a powerful WordPress firewall and CDN. Sucuri will protect your website against DDOS attacks, malware, and other WordPress security threats. The best part is, it scans all user requests to your website before it reaches your hosting server.


  • Highlights of Sucuri CDN service:
  • Multiple caching options
  • CDN for globally distributed Anycast network
  • Offers Sucuri core product
  • Easy to integrate
  • Provides excellent support


CDN Service provider

Likewise, KeyCDN focuses on the speed of content delivery to end-users. This CDN Service provider is not complicated at all. It can be easily handled by a newbie since it is as simple as adding a domain. Also, KeyCDN is integrated with easy CMS and frameworks. You can make a free trial for 14-days. If you like it you can go for the premium one.


  • Image optimization in real-time
  • Full account control with Restful API 
  • Easy CMS and frameworks integration
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Comes with multiple security measures
  • 14-day free trial

Amazon CloudFront 

CDN Service provider

Amazon CloudFront is the best CDN option for your website available in the market. It is integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides fast content delivery. With this, you can cache videos, images, APIs, data, and website stylesheets and make sure your site runs faster. It enables you to benefit from services like Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon Route 53. 


  • Provides DDoS protection through AWS Shield
  • 17 PoPs in 30 countries
  • SSL/TLS encryption
  • Network optimization 
  • AWS Management Console
  • Highly customizable


CDN Service provider

BunnyCDN is one of the fastest next-generation CDN service providers. With its edge storage and optimization service, you can maintain your site speed faster. It will automatically optimize, minify, and compress your static files on the fly. Also, you will get a powerful image processing API to resize, crop, and manipulate images in real-time.


  • Easy setup instructions
  • HTTP/2 and Brotli Ready
  • Image optimization 
  • Webp image support
  • Monitor Real-time traffic
  • Provide SSL support


CDN Service provider

Similarly, Imperva provides cybersecurity along with CDN service. Here, you will get 47 data centers and use cloud servers for load balancing. It also decreases bandwidth consumption by 60% and improves performance by 50%. Not only that, it reduces downtime by mitigating DDoS attacks on your website. Imperva helps your websites and applications run faster, more reliable, and safer.


  • Impressive performance
  • Reduces latency to 50ms
  • Provide cybersecurity with CDN service 
  • DDoS protection
  • Decreases bandwidth consumption by 60%
  • Uses cloud server balancing 


CDN Service provider

If you want a massive network scale, advanced video engineering, and stellar client service, CDN77 will be the best option. It provides the highest performance delivery of all major video formats. This WordPress CDN service provider has compatibility with the latest video technologies. The best part is, it is capable of handling traffic from sudden spikes and prevents any downtime.


  • Provides PoPs on 6 continents
  • 24/7 live support
  • Detailed analytics for dashboard
  • DDoS protection and SSL certificates
  • Customizable cache rules
  • Purge and Prefetch options


CDN Service provider

Last but not least, Fastly is a powerful CDN service provider that helps you to develop, deliver, and secure your apps and websites with its cloud network. It is more popular in North America, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Fastly offer full support for caching different types of video, and various low-level user controls like HTTP header control.


  • An innovative CDN solution
  • Provide SaaS user experience
  • Gain greater control and speed at the edge, 
  • API security solution 
  • Real-time visibility
  • Steep learning curve for users


And if you are already using a CDN service, please share your experience with fellow Shouters by leaving a comment below.

Finally, we did with all listed CDN Service Providers. With this, you can increase your site speed and be able to get a top SEO rank. These CDN services allow you to ensure your static site files.

We hope this article has not only helped you to understand the CDN services but also helps you to make impressive site performance.

If you have any queries regarding this, please let us know in the comments section. We’re happy to hear from you.

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