10 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins for 2022

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Images and videos make your site looks beautiful. To create a WordPress website with an attractive gallery, you must require a powerful WordPress Gallery plugin. If you want to make a better visual of your site, such a plugin helps you to display a series of related photos together. Here, we have listed the 10 … Read more

10 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2022

Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2020

Want to keep your site secured from unauthorized access and harmful scams? If yes, you must go through this article. Today’s article is totally based on a WordPress security plugin that helps you to keep your site protected from all scams.  As developers or site owners, we all want to make sure our site works … Read more

10 Free Travel Agency Themes 2021

Introduction Travel is something very complex field of development where it impacts almost every infrastructure of development. One of the main issues with Travel industry in whole is management of itself according to the consumers targeted. Alongside that, businesses often find it difficult to reach international market due to less exposure. Having a competitive market, … Read more

10 Top Newspaper Themes 2021

Introduction We can all agree that traditional media means of information sharing is getting outdated. One of such means is Newspaper. Newspaper is one of the core way to actually stay updated on latest mainstream news with a great taste being offline and cheap. But as the usage of newspaper got unpopular since couple of … Read more

7 Stylish WordPress Magazine Themes of 2021

Introduction Magazine is such an amazing way of flowing information to your audience targeting your preferred genre. When carrying out content of such genre, we can find different sub topics like style, fashion, technology, sports, news, etc. The way of showcasing each sub topics can be different because they are heavy by themselves. For magazine … Read more

10 Best WordPress themes for your Event Website

Introduction It surely is hard to execute your event without having a proper medium to find participants in the first place. After the registration hassle, you might want the same medium to handle all the scheduling, speaker showcase/management, feedbacks, etc in the way you are comfortable with. We have gathered numerous WordPress event themes with … Read more

9 Stylish Travels and Tours WordPress Theme

Introduction Everyone wants to stay away from their hometown in terms of traveling, touring, enjoying the time with their friends and families. Very few don’t want to travel to new places, and keep themselves occupied among themselves. Those who love touring have great taste and thus any company should be adapting themselves to it. From … Read more