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10 Top Newspaper Themes 2019

Introduction We can all agree that traditional media means of information sharing is getting outdated. One of such means is Newspaper. Newspaper is one of the core way to actually stay updated on latest mainstream news with a great taste being offline and cheap. But as the usage of newspaper got unpopular since couple of years, the newspaper has been a bit of expensive and untimely efficient. To tackle all these, newspaper has been turned to website and is much easier if used within wordpress framework. For a website to function correctly and efficiently, we might need different tools. Such… Read More

5 Amazing News Portal WordPress Themes 2019

A collection of the best WordPress News themes for news sites, blogs, news portals, and other news-oriented websites. Such type of news themes actually appears very frequently but only selective ones get more popular. There are lots of top news portal sites using WordPress. Some, including CNN, Reuters, Forbes, The New York Times, etc. WordPress is a great platform for building such type of websites because it decreases the hassles of handling many users at once. A news portal site comes with lots of authors, editors, etc. For such type of site, WordPress serves the best. Here are some of… Read More