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10 Best WordPress themes for your Event Website


It surely is hard to execute your event without having a proper medium to find participants in the first place. After the registration hassle, you might want the same medium to handle all the scheduling, speaker showcase/management, feedbacks, etc in the way you are comfortable with.

We have gathered numerous WordPress event themes with proper reasoning on why it may be ‘the’ choice for your event. These are some of the best WordPress event themes you can download in 2020.

One Page Conference

If you ever wanted to handle your multiday or single-day events like a professional, you should surely check out this theme called One Page Conference where you get to customize every little aspect of your event. The best part of this theme is that the core things like schedule management, sponsor management, sliders, banners, etc come with the price of absolutely free.

Why One Page Conference?

  • Useful for any type of conference
  • So many good features for free
  • Their themes and plugins are dedicated to Event Websites
  • Easy to use for small and large scale events
  • One of the best Schedule Management Features for Events.
  • Feature to showcase Sponsors logo
  • No extra coding required, just drag & drop, customize and change colors & fonts


As one of the versatile theme, OceanWP just gets the job done for the event side as well. It is one of the best choices for hosting a single day event.

Why OceanWP?

  • Customizable colors to match the palette of your event
  • Event countdown timer


The best feature of this particular theme delivers is the customizable compatibility of speakers. If your event is related to the proper highlight of Speakers, then you would love it.

Why OpenEvent?

  • Sell tickets online
  • Highlight numerous speakers


This theme power packs an impressive layout called Neve Events where you can experience the true features that promote your event extensively.

Why Neve?

  • Elementor compatibility
  • The layout looks modern and responsive on all devices


This theme is rich in terms of backend features like managing different layouts, contents, etc. You can use the drag and drop feature as well to show your creativity in making the best design possible.

Why Eventum?

  • Design is really impressive with an eye-catching interface
  • A lot of backend features
  • Easy to use


From importing Demo on the website to making adjustments according to the theme of the event, Exponent has good terms on making sure you get the best out of the price paid. The theme is ready for you to start promoting your event website.

Why Exponent?

  • Flexibility is on the next level
  • Supports WooCommerce for payment related to tickets
  • Interactive demos


Exhibiz offers templates for almost all your pages with easy to customize features. This enables you to insert all the needy information about your event. The support for the Elementor page builder just makes everything better.

Why Exhibiz?

  • Elementor support
  • Easy-to-customize information and layout


This business-focused theme comes with a stylish set of templates that helps you to promote the core idea of the event and the event itself. Theme theme is mobile responsive so every little feature can be accessed by users viewing your event website.

Why Uptime?

  • Everything is optional so you can choose how your homepage looks
  • The Elementor page builder is supported by the theme
  • Colour customization is possible


This theme is mostly dependent on the customizer part of the event website. This means you can benefit all the features from the customizer itself. This promotes the concept of easy-to-use for both viewer and user.

Why Infinite?

  • The multipurpose feature improves the flexibility of the theme
  • Extremely viewer-friendly


If you ever wanted a high-quality website to make sure all the information related to your event is showcased properly, then you can try out this particular theme. You can add enough CTA buttons, customizable header, footer, sidebars to your interest as well.

Why Projektor?

  • Relevant templates helping to make interesting designs
  • Interactive widgets make your website give a user-friendly aura


All these themes may have common features but your taste can be different. You can try out some of the themes which are appealing to you. Leave a comment on what you think or which you picked for your event website.

9 Stylish Travels and Tours WordPress Theme


Everyone wants to stay away from their hometown in terms of traveling, touring, enjoying the time with their friends and families. Very few don’t want to travel to new places, and keep themselves occupied among themselves. Those who love touring have great taste and thus any company should be adapting themselves to it.

From walking to air transport, we can find various types of people wanting to get the best of the best services. 

Classifying people from business travel to casual family meet, your business may give the required plans for them. 

But the plans you are providing may collide from one to another. To make yourself stand out from such collision, you should present your offers more effectively and increase the overall user experience.

All these can be achieved by not just making a website, but by making a stylish, interactive, dynamic, feature-packed website. 

Most of the website built on top of wordpress are more controllable and reliable on the basis of need of a client or customer. It is because of the tools and plugins those themes come with.

For something best, you might have to search the whole internet analysing your needs and availability. To make it easy we have chosen some of the stylish themes which you may like.

Stylish Travels and Tours WordPress Theme


Entrada is the adventure tours and travel WordPress theme is developed with elegance, simplicity and functionality at the heart of the theme. This is truly innovative and a complete WordPress theme built for tourism sector and ideal for tour operators and travel agents specialising in day tours, tour packages, vacations, hiking and camping, city tours, cruise packages etc.



It is not just Travel booking theme it is a Booking Engine, designed for a travel website, Marketplace, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Car Transfer, Activity/Event, Hotel Booking, Room Bnb, Villa Rental, Resort Rental, Flight Booking, Make Affiliate Travel website. Easy to turn On/Off any service you would like to use for your purpose.


Grand Tour

Grand Tour is a responsive modern WordPress theme for Tour & Travel Agency website. Built with the latest WordPress technology. Grand Tour support responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styling & templates and many features built specially for tour operator, travel agency or travel blogger which can be imported with one click.



With features like management of your schedule anywhere on any device, full WooCommerce support, designed for all types of tour companies and custom tour grid functionality, Embark shares an interactive design for all sorts of travelling and touring business. 



Travel WP is a Travel WordPress Theme developed for travel agencies and tour operators of any size. It offers a lot of flexibility and possibilities in setting up tours. You can indicate as many tour attributes as you like. These attributes can later be used for setting up a search form.



Travelo – Travel, Tour Booking HTML5 Template is one of the best Travel & Tour booking templates in the world. This template is suitable for companies and agencies that provide services of hotel, car rental, flight, cruise and tour. You will have tons of color skins, layout possibilities with unlimited variations and colors.



Everyone can easily plan their trip or a tour and book them directly on your website! You can display all tour destinations in a stylish way and categorize them even, which will make holiday booking organization a breeze. Wanderers lets you embark on a travel you’ll never forget!



A Clean, Modern Design can be used for travel agency and tourism related website theme with responsive design which adapts to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), deactivate responsive features with one click in your backend, Drag & Drop Content Builder comes with various content modules including tour, gallery, blog, testimonials and many more.



Magellan is a Travel WordPress Theme with modern, bold, sharp design and many custom options and elements specially designed for this industry. This premium template is packed with: working order form, custom posts for tour pages (including reviews, gallery, location, weather, etc.), beautiful animation and transition effects, custom posts and shortcodes, social media integration, Google maps, WPML compatibility and much more.



Many themes have different features packed with different tools and plugins. Your needs and budget describes the type of theme you should buy/download. We have presented some of the best. Now, it’s your turn to analyse and acquire it.


Why should we focus on better website? And why WordPress?

Website is easily accessible and is one of the most impactful medium to successfully market with remarkable organic reach. But all these comes with hassles and high cost. WordPress sites are some of the easily usable and sometimes totally free.

I am new to this. How to start?

First of all, buy yourself a domain name. Try using your company name for ease. If domains aren’t available for your company name, try searching the closest name. Now get yourself a hosting service and link domain with your hosting service. Most of the time, nameservers are to be changed for linking purposes. If it is different on your end, go through the guide your domain provider possibly has on their website. Congratulations you have your website up and ready. Now just install wordpress and load the desired theme.

Are plugins available for every tool I require here?

If you have selected theme which is well known and has good ratings, it possibly has all covered. If not, you can always go for third party plugins available with basic tools for free.

What are third party plugins?

As the name suggests, it is such type of plugin which is not given along with the theme you installed. It is third party in the sense as it isn’t provided with the theme itself.

Top 5 Event Manager Plugin for WordPress Websites


Events are often taken as the most difficult task to pull off. Alongside it, there are lots of problems to deal when one has a target to be completed. 

Thanks to human errors and other factors like fruitless execution of particular task, there always have been small mistakes here and there. 

Most of the people think just about the day of event than those days which come before. This led towards a fairly planned event.

To minimize such problems, people have started to take the route of developing website. Which ultimately helps in the overall quality of the event.

With a full-feature packed website, you can expect features like countdown timer, maps, venue information, guest lineup, performance lineup, testimonials, event itineraries, gallery, contact list, registration form, etc depending upon your need.

Carrying all these features in a website might be time consuming and cannot be done with a basic sense of usability. You might have to hire a group to make your visionary website a reality. To minimize the cost and responsibility that come in the way of making such website, we can opt-in to WordPress. WordPress solves all these problems with its incredible one click database feature.  

Your event might be different than the way themes are presented in a website, but features carrying alongside that theme like plugins, tools, etc are similar or can be taken from third parties.

Some of the features which cannot be neglected in an event website are Countdown timer, gallery, venue direction, price list, contact details, etc. These features are briefly explained on the basis of its importance below.

Event manager plugins for wordpress websites

Countdown Timer

Your website represents your event, but people will be visiting your website before the event. So for making them interactive towards event.  It is visually pleasing and moreover very intuitive towards your clients. Basically, it is an independent plugin which displays specific countdown timer discarding the type of it. So that means we can put countdown of anything.

As an event planner, you would wish to have a good and appealing design for your upcoming event. And countdown timer isn’t any exception for making your design standout.

There are many uses of a countdown timer for your event. Some of them are:

  •  For teasing your website and event itself by displaying the remaining date and time.
  •  Showing up numbers is a great way to make your audience hyped up. This creates a sense of interest among the audience and helps your participants involve more on to it.
  • If you are building organic audience/participations for your event, then such countdown feature can be a great way to engage them through social sharing.
  • From a marketing standpoint, after engaging audience, you can even generate more like minded participants through it. And in our opinion, that’s a great way to have participants/audience who actually cares.
  • It can also be used in ‘maintenance mode’ of your site.

Some of the plugins might be better than another. Some are value for money, whereas some give only necessary features for a cheap or free price. Taking these into consideration, here are some of the plugins we recommend:


For someone attending your event, he/she asks about the overall experience which will be happening there. This includes venue and its feasibility too. So, for someone looking up for their venue one asks about how it reflects the event. You might have chosen the best one, but you have to present it among them. And what’s the best way than pictures?

Gallery comes with features like lightbox, where you can include captions, buttons and make it more interactive. WordPress itself has a gallery feature.  But it’s not that much of a useful according to our usage.

Some of such Gallery plugins are there with almost more or less the same sort of features. We can use this for:

  • Showcasing the best side of your event so that you won’t be questioned often about the type of venue.
  • presenting certain features with graphics with inclusive to slider, widgets, etc.
  • making video collage to showcase highlights through videos.
  • interactive designs on frontend using grid, masonry, carousel, Polaroid.

Galleries are differently made from each other with different creative knowledge and creation. You might want to use different than another. We have chosen some of the best we could find for you:

Venue Direction

If you want to reach somewhere you haven’t been to. Then you might need a direction advice till the finish point. Considering this as one of the issues while inviting guests/participants for your event, you might need something to solve this problem. And that is Maps integration.

Venue direction is needed for all sorts of events because either its hotel or even your house, not all people would know location.

Plugins have made this more easy. You can actually integrate any of the maps and help your participants reach venue without any hassle. This results in a decrease in phone calls, emails and other forms of contact related to venue direction.

These plugins are especially used in footer widget, post or even in sidebar widgets.

Such plugin helps in different ways. Some of them are:

  • presentation of venue which gives brief information on scale of event
  • clients can use it to get live directions to the venue which is efficient for cross country travelers
  • enables the usage of any kind of map of choice which ultimately increases the overall experience of user

In this competitive market, you might want the best out of the best. So here are some of the plugins we recommend:

Price List

 If you are selling any products or providing any services through your WordPress site, then pricing table plugins can really come in handy. Though some premium WordPress themes come with pricing tables as a built-in feature, some themes require an external plugin to get the feature.

Pricing tables are effective in showing product features for different packages side by side so users can make a decision on which package to go for.

Pricing tables have different types of usability. Some of them are:

  • you can insert the table in any page or post with the provided shortcode without any hassle which defines its ease to use features
  • since there are unlimited themes or even options to edit your table which is essential for UI that ultimately reflects user experience
  • you are selling tickets and other goodies along with it, so such plugins helps on declaring ‘sold out’ on top of that table content. This decreases the hassle of updating people that your stuffs are sold out

These plugins come free with the themes. But if due to some reasons, it isn’t on yours, here are some editors which include such plugins:

Contact Details

Contact forms are something used in every wordpress website. It can be used as to create subscription forms, surveys, or anything else that can be done through a web form. But for us, it is simply a contact form. If went further, we can use this as registration method.

Your clients might find it as a need to contact you. On the other side, you may need to contact your participants and clients. This is to maintain a sense of contact between two parties.

We cannot rely on all the information we give out. People may feel hassles and several problems.

To reduce these, we can give out our social media details. But the more efficient way is to add a form page onto our website.

Before choosing a plugin, you might want to learn some uses:

  • contact forms can be used as a method to take feedback
  • contact form itself can be modified as registration fill up, survey and other beneficial types
  • these forms have options for collecting any type of data which helps it to become more versatile

Contact details can be collected through any type of form. Some of the leading ones in the industry are:


For any theme which is responsible for delivering a complete package of event website, it should be inclusive to most of its core features. Although every theme contains all basic features through its plugins, you might want to switch to another for being cheap or probably free. Hope you have determined your type of plugin with respect to your need.


How to install a theme?

It is a very easy task to install a theme. Just search it through the dashboard’s themes section. Then click on ‘install’. You might see ‘select’ option after installation is complete. Click that button. You have now successfully installed a theme.

How to install a plugin?

After installing a theme, you might get a popup asking to ‘begin installing plugin’. You can simply click that to install those plugins which come with theme. 

For 3rd party theme, go to the plugins tab on dashboard. Search your design plugin after going to ‘Add new’. Click on install. After that, you will see option to ‘Activate’ it. Click it to activate it.

How to filter out spam from website?

There are several spam detection and blocking plugins. One of them is ‘Akismet’. It comes pre installed with a stock theme. It is effective to remove spam from your wordpress website. Besides that, you can use reCaptcha too.

10 Free Travel Agency Themes 2019


Travel is something very complex field of development where it impacts almost every infrastructure of development.

One of the main issues with Travel industry in whole is management of itself according to the consumers targeted. Alongside that, businesses often find it difficult to reach international market due to less exposure.

Having a competitive market, a travel agency might find it difficult to not only make itself standout, but also to promote that distinguished qualities.

The best thing to achieve all these can be making a website and promoting it to the global audience. This makes people know about your prices, offers, itineraries and other avenue to succeed on whatever goal your company has.

For such successful promotion, you might need certain tools focused on what your company actually needs.

WordPress with its impressive framework, helps achieve almost all your needs ranging from free to premium. You might find all your tools within that specific theme disguised as plugins.

Such plugins helps us to find some of the requirements like, payment gateway, registration, contact form, etc. Such are helpful for the overall experience of consumer.

To make it simple and easy for you, here are some of the best themes you can find for free.

Free Travel Agency Themes


Travelbiz is an expressive and virtuous free WordPress theme for tour & travel websites. This theme has many useful and essential features that make it perfect for any tour & travel-related business. It is compatible with the WP Travel plugin which helps you set up a simple and easy booking system that you can easily manage. Compatibility with WooCommerce allows you to sell products by setting up an online store in a few easy steps. Support for Gutenberg makes designing your posts and pages a simple task.



Travelia is Full Featured Tour & Travel Website. You can add trips, destinations,and trip types, feature travel activities etc. Travelia is a free WordPress theme to create travel booking website for tour and travel companies. You can add trips, destinations, and trip types, feature travel activities, highlight your specialties and allow visitors to book the trips. The stunning design combined with modern CSS effects and animation will make your visitors feel like they are already on a trip. Travelia WordPress theme is speed optimized, SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly


Adventure Travelling

Adventure travelling is a bold, powerful, attractive and multipurpose travel. The theme has an inviting and appealing design with banners and sliders adding to its beauty. Built on Bootstrap framework, it has a strong foundation with easy usage solution. Its user-friendly interface and well-structured layout lead to smooth navigation. It has a fluid layout which is responsive to varying screen sizes. To help serve in local languages, it is made translation ready. It is cross-browser compatible, SEO-friendly and lightweight for speedy loading. Made from scratch, it is bug-free to conform to the WordPress standards. Customization is a powerful tool provided by this theme to ensure good control over the site. Social media icons are linked with the theme to easily reach people.

Adventure Travelling
Adventure Travelling

Tafri Travel

Tafri Travel is a clean and modern WordPress theme. You can use this theme to create an eye-catching and beautiful website for all businesses related to the tourism industry such as travel agencies, tourist guides, travel, and adventure bloggers. You can easily create a professional looking website with this theme without any coding knowledge. This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin which will help you in setting up your online store. It has a fluid layout that adjusts on varying screens of desktops, mobiles, and tablets. You can upload your brand logo and change slider settings to make the site more impactful.

Tafri Travel
Tafri Travel

Travel Lite

Travel is one of the most popular Travel Themes. This Theme is Super Elegant, Professional and Responsive. It is ideal for Travel Agencies, Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines, Photographic Agencies, Environmental Organizations, Tourist Spot Presentation, Tourism Promotion, Photography and Other Purposes that may match with your thoughts. You can find details and demo in the Theme Page.

Travel Lite
Travel Lite


Travelore is a beautiful and impressive free travel WordPress theme. It comes with a bunch of relevant widgets and capabilities for anyone who wants to launch a stylish travel blog. You can also use this multipurpose theme for any kind of website. It comes with many featured sections where you can showcase your main content. Travelore comes with many useful features and its poignant layouts put your content in front and center showcasing it for the world without distractions. This theme’s clean and responsive design makes sure your visitors are well engaged.


Travel Agency

Travel Agency is a free WordPress theme focusing on travel and tour companies to create a travel booking website. This theme is mobile-friendly, easy to use, SEO-friendly and customizable. It provides all the features a travel/tour website needs: you can add trips, destinations, and trip types; highlight your specialties; recommend travel activities; allow visitors to book their favorite trip packages. It is translation ready and also compatible with WP Travel Engine, a travel booking WordPress plugin.

Travel Agency
Travel Agency

VW Travel

VW travel is a good name when it comes to the themes related to the travel business or any kind of international agency related to travel. It is also good and highly applicable for the tour planners as well as the tourist guides and a nice option for the travel and adventure blogs as well as the travel magazines. VW Travel is a fine theme for the hotels as well as airline agencies and the credit goes to its multiple features of relevance and these include retina ready, user friendliness, CTA, Bootstrap, customization options and above all this theme has the optimized codes a well as the faster page load time.

VW Travel
VW Travel

Travel Minimalist Blogger

Travel Minimalist Blogger is a responsive WordPress blog and news theme made for bloggers and newspapers. Its elegant and minimalistic look make its an attractive theme for writers who wish to write about their view on food, fashion, travel, clothing, movies or their lifestyle in general. Travel Minimalist Blogger is of course modern in the ways that it is both fast and search engine optimized (SEO friendly) as a theme should be nowadays.

Travel Minimalist Blogger
Travel Minimalist Blogger

Travel Ultimate

Create an awesome and professional looking website for your travel business with Travel Ultimate, a splendid WordPress theme for travel agencies, tour operators and travel business owner. It can also be used as a portfolio page for solo travelers and travel guides. This theme lets you show booking form, services and other aspects of your business. This beautifully crafted theme is fully responsive, SEO friendly and translation ready. You can easily launch your travel business online with this easy to use theme.

Travel Ultimate
Travel Ultimate


How to attract clients to my business?

In this competitive marketplace where everyone is running after certain people, you need the best way to attract people. You should be learning your consumers’ needs by placing yourself on their perspective. Try focusing on organic consumers rather than just making great offers.

I am new. How to begin?

First of all, choose the best suitable domain name for your business. The domain name should be a representation of your travel agency name or anything close to it. This helps you obtain the best of the best SEO results. That’s the core thing we are targeting while bringing organic traffic to the website.

The next one is hosting. If you are going with the wordpress website, you can find the best one suitable for it. While choosing hosting, select only those which are value for money.

Why can’t I just use any other hosting? All looks same anyways.

Almost all hosting providers may provide you with the best deal, but there can be minor differences. Like uptime, spam detection, DDOS protection, etc. The crucial for any website for its future. So while choosing hosting service, analyze these too.

How to correctly promote my travel agency?

Normally, travel agencies focus on a very wide range of travelers. It’s better to choose 100 target audiences and get 10 customers than targeting 10,000 and get 10 customers. You should be analyzing your offers consecutively with the number of people to be targeted.

10 Top Newspaper Themes 2019


We can all agree that traditional media means of information sharing is getting outdated. One of such means is Newspaper.

Newspaper is one of the core way to actually stay updated on latest mainstream news with a great taste being offline and cheap.

But as the usage of newspaper got unpopular since couple of years, the newspaper has been a bit of expensive and untimely efficient.

To tackle all these, newspaper has been turned to website and is much easier if used within wordpress framework.

For a website to function correctly and efficiently, we might need different tools. Such differ with the type of theme we are using. For newspaper theme, we might need plugins like social sharing, RSS feeds, subscription form, etc. If your website deals with payment and other financial transactions, then you might need a gateway to process your transactions.

The themes we are going to talk about in this article are occupied to almost all of these features. You can match your needs to the themes mentioned for better experience for you and your client.

These are some top Newspaper themes, collected by their offers, features, support and other overall factor. Your desired theme may differ according to the tools you require. Judging on the basis of client’s point of view and user’s ease, we have selected couple handful of themes.

WordPress Top Newspaper Themes


Qalam encompasses clean and modern design, backed with a host of customization options using Elementor Page Builder and Kirki Customizer. Built with semantic markup and organized code, the theme is optimized for SEO and Schema Microdata. Qalam supports advertisement spots in important locations of a web page to improve revenue from ads on your site.


Flash news is a clean and stylish editorial WordPress theme, suits well for magazine, newspaper, blog and content publishers. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It comes with highly flexible layouts and theme options empower you to easily customize the website exactly as you want.


NewsPaper WordPress Theme is designed specially for those who liked the old fashioned daily NewsPaper (because it looks like) and want to make a great news or magazine website. It has dozens of impressive features that will make your blog or magazine exceed among others. Let your visitors enjoy the eclectic contemporary design of your new website powered by NewsPaper.


Fineglobe is built for Newspaper, Blog and woo-commerce theme. Based on Bootstrap 3.0.0 with tons of custom features. This theme allows you to create so many aspects to fit to your needs. It consists of features which can be used to make the most classical theme possible. This theme gives the feeling of a real newspaper from 90’s.


TIMES is an extraordinary newspaper / magazine WordPress theme designed to redefine publishing by making content both easier to create and consume. It combines professional looks and unmistaken typography with impressive user experience (UX) and incredible attention to details.

Grand News

Grand News is a news & editorial focus design tool. It provides responsive clean and minimal WordPress theme for news editorial and blogger. Using the latest WordPress technology and support several of popular WordPress plugins. Grand News support responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined unique demos which are designed especially for news & editorial and many more which can be imported with one click.


Welcome to Newsroom, a contemporary news magazine theme! If you want to create a website that has absolutely everything for your newspaper, Newsroom is a theme for you. Packed with 6 unique homepages, and a large set of classic newspaper layouts, Newsroom is perfectly suitable for journalists and publishers. This theme also allows you to add stunning image galleries, videos and audio files to your articles.

Daily News

Daily News is Newspaper Magazine Mobile Template. With brought classic design, clean design, responsive, easy to customize and more. It consists of features like Easy Customize, News, Newspaper, Responsive, Clean Code, Clean Design, Font Awesome, Working Contact Form, and Documentation.



Kolyoum is an elegant multipurpose magazine WordPress theme that comes with stunning homepage layouts and predefined demos. It is highly optimized for speed and performance to deliver the best user experience. It’s ideal for multiple niches that include breaking news, newspapers, politics, sports, gaming, technology, travel and much more.

Bold News

Bold News is a WordPress theme exclusively built for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review websites. It is fully responsive, retina ready and easy to customize. Bold News offers comprehensive options panel, unique page transitions and distinctive typography and customizable quote calculator. It also includes easy to use and fast page builder.


How to digitize your media corporation?

There is a lot to put in work before starting a media corporation. Some include choosing your business’ domain name, correct hosting provider, and much more technical stuff like marketing and bringing offline users online.

What can be optimal way of choosing a domain name?

You should be choosing a domain name close to your company’s name. The domain name helps promoting your business further. This helps your offline users to easily identify your corporation. If exact name isn’t available, then try more efficient and unique one.

What is a hosting?

Hosting is such a huge thing for a website to function correctly. Best hosting providers give users access to a lot of resources. Such resources help a lot in the betterment of the overall experience of user visiting your website. We suggest using hosting based upon wordpress because they have better optimization than the regular one.

How to acquire organic traffic?

Your content should be very user friendly. The quality of your content depends upon the way you represent in to others. Work along with writers on creating user readable contents. Hire SEO to optimize your site according to global standards and also to improve search engine rankings such that others can also find your business firm.

7 Stylish WordPress Magazine Themes


Magazine is such an amazing way of flowing information to your audience targeting your preferred genre.

When carrying out content of such genre, we can find different sub topics like style, fashion, technology, sports, news, etc. The way of showcasing each sub topics can be different because they are heavy by themselves.

For magazine to be displayed, you need some predefined resources. Such resources can be gallery, sign up forms, advertisements, etc. For someone new to the world of websites, themes, plugins, it might be difficult to choose from these wide variety of choices in the internet.

Your WordPress website relating to such type can help you achieve your requirements despite having less coding knowledge. All the WordPress themes with their plugins simplify the hassle which comes with responsibility of building a smooth, interactive, responsive site.

For your magazine to be published online, you might need tools different than any other websites. That includes magazine subscription, payment tools, etc. Such tools might be mandatory to such type of site because it might be the core feature to run your business. Aside from being a core feature, it can also make a huge difference in overall user experience. No one likes to do more work than usual.

The themes we are going to talk about in this article are occupied to almost all of these features. You can match your needs to the themes mentioned for better experience for you and your client.

These are some of the stylish themes you can get online as magazine wordpress theme. Such themes are expected to be more unique, responsive, user friendly and overall different from traditional magazine themes. Why not use better one if you are making one anyway?

Magazines are getting better and better. From offline to online, all themes must stand out from each other to look much distinct and attractive. Here are some of such type of themes to choose from.

WordPress Stylish Themes for Magazines


Digiqole is a Unique, Easy to Use News, Magazine & Blog HTML template for Newsportal, Magazine site, Small Company, and Business News. This amazing News Magazine HTML Template built with Bootstrap4, SASS, Owl Carousel, etc. The theme offers most of the plugins and tools required to successfully run your campaign.


The Issue

The Issue is one of the best selling themes out there in terms of magazine. Well equipped tools and plugins for your campaign, this theme also includes many demo themes to choose from. Usable to different extents, it is well optimized for magazine type. The design is quite minimal but colors sprinkled here and there.

The Issue
The Issue


Esquise is ultra responsive, retina ready, and built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. It features a clean, modern and interesting design, packed with the super powerful TouchSize Layout Builder which offers unlimited possibilities and options. Our Page Builder is at the core of our theme, giving you full control over your website and lets you create sites that suits your needs. The builder incorporates some incredible features making it one of the most versatile themes on the market . If you’re looking for a theme that will offer you the possibility to create any website – Esquise is the one.



Neori is a WordPress news and magazine theme built around the idea of providing a better reader experience through a clean and simple design, but also bringing a good experience to the publisher, due to its easy system of content creation and limitless customization options.



Throne is a responsive WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines or marketing websites with a professional design. It is highly customized to match your personal taste, and can easily be converted into a multi-purpose theme to suit a wide range of needs.



EmBe is a highly customized, powerful WordPress theme for newspaper, magazine and blog websites. It is built with the latest WordPress technology. EmBe is crafted with great attention to detail, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites. It is very flexible, fully customizable, fast and SEO optimized.


The Fox

Fox Magazine is a super fast & highly customizable news and blog WordPress theme. It’s mobile optimized and SEO friendly with medium-like lazy load technique, all queries are combined, CSS & Javascript files minified.

 The Fox
The Fox


To conclude, out of all these themes, some maybe for you, some might not. We suggest you to select your theme according to your need, matching your budget and other factors.


How to start an online magazine?

If your magazine is good and has a certain core audience offline, then you shouldn’t worry. Just by using particular tools here and there would help you to achieve more on this. Tools naming plugins like database import, payment method, etc.

But instead, if you are planning to start one from scratch, you might need more resources to begin with. That includes logo, flyers, posters, advertisement corners, registration form and many more. From choosing best domain and hosting for your magazine to selection of themes, al should be done perfectly to master publishing magazine online.

What can be my domain name?

Start thinking about the right name for your magazine because you cannot change it later. Your domain name represents your company’s brand name. For a unique domain name, your brand should also be unique. After that, you should be choosing the better domain provider for better services. There are lots of domain providers out there. All can be differently feature-packed.

And about hosting?

Hosting is such a huge thing for a website to function correctly. Best hosting providers give users access to a lot of resources. Such resources help a lot in the betterment of the overall experience of user visiting your website. We suggest using hosting based upon wordpress because they have better optimization than the regular one.

How to gain organic subscribers who care what you put out?

For this question, the simple answer is improving and optimizing your content. IF you are targeting a certain age, culture, area, then publish only those contents which matter to them. Don’t go off topic and stay on the theme you have foundations on. Changing content type again and again results in audience variance and also you cannot gain much view time on your website. This hampers your SEO score.

5 WordPress Event Themes for Conferences


Conference is such type of event that showcases your ideas about something people around may be interested in.

Your content to be showcased can be anything. From science and technologies to human and their behavior. Such content are very interesting to anyone who can relate to such topic.

For  a content to be presented on such conference, you would need some resources. Such include from marketing your conference to distributing information among participants. Anything related to data can be performed with ease through digital medium i.e., a website.

Your WordPress website relating to such events can help you achieve your requirements despite having less coding knowledge. All the WordPress themes with their plugins simplify the hassle which comes with responsibility of building a smooth, interactive, responsive site.

For running such an event campaign digitally, you might need plugins, tools that help you perform your data sorting works easier. Such includes registration, payment options, Google calendar, Google maps, social media sharing, seat availability checking, and much more. The widgets which you might require can be gallery, testimonials, sign up form. All comes with a package in a premium WordPress theme.

The themes we are going to talk about in this article are occupied to almost all of these features. You can match your needs to the themes mentioned for better experience for you and your client.

List of outstanding WordPress themes for events and conferences that you can use to expand your event organization to an entirely new level of awesome. These themes are ideal for conferences of both paid and unpaid type.

Conferences nowadays have become more popular with increasing business. Either small or big, all conferences events tend to require some miscellaneous entities. Such are fulfilled through such wordpress events theme.

The themes taken below are completely analyzed based upon the needs of clients and ease of administrator or user.

WordPress Event Themes for Conferences 

Fudge 2.0

You will need an intermediate knowledge of WordPress to setup this theme. It comes with features like Facebook import, Eventbrite import and also Facebook events. These are crucial for social media sharing/promotion of your event. With features like drag and drop, full control, and different tickets management system, you have the flexibility to analyse the needs of your client. They don’t support direct ticket selling features but do recommend some of the best one in the game. 

Fudge 2.0


OpenEvent makes managing your event and selling tickets easy. Start building your event now. It comes with features like multiple grid support with control on it. This theme is actually based upon the previous theme we discussed. But there are differences like UI changes, multiple grid support, multiple header support, and many more. Also, it comes with features like highlighting certain elements.



Eventum is the perfect event theme for any kind of event be it a formal conference, friendly meeting, exhibition or any other gathering. This highly customizable theme lets you quickly start a stunning event site. Eventum offers the complete feature package you would be looking for managing conference tickets, event venues, speakers, sessions, sponsors and everything else required to succeed the event.



Incubator is a simple, clean theme designed and coded for IT start-up businesses. Responsive and user-oriented design allows for a consistent, fantastic experience, regardless of whether your users arrive by phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Get started now with Incubator and change the overall design in minutes.


The Conference

The Conference is a free WordPress theme designed to create a fully responsive, SEO friendly, and attractive website for promoting an event or conference. If you are planning an event, conference, seminar, symposium, or concert, this free theme will help you sell more tickets. The attractive UI and modern features of this theme are perfect to keep the visitors engaged on your website and turn them into customers. The Conference is quite easy-to-use; you can create a fully functional and professional website in no time without any prior knowledge or experience of coding.

The Conference


To conclude, out of all these themes, some maybe for you, some might be not. We suggest you to select your theme according to your need, matching your budget and other factors.


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5 Amazing News Portal WordPress Themes 2019

A collection of the best WordPress News themes for news sites,
blogs, news portals, and other news-oriented websites. Such type of news themes actually appears very frequently but only selective ones get more popular. There are lots of top news portal sites using WordPress. Some, including CNN, Reuters, Forbes, The New York Times, etc.

WordPress is a great platform for building such type of websites
because it decreases the hassles of handling many users at once. A news portal site comes with lots of authors, editors, etc. For such type of site, WordPress serves the best. Here are some of the best ones for your news-oriented business.

VW Newspaper Theme

This interactive theme by VWthemes consists of everything a typical premium theme consists of. But the reason why it stands out from others is its uniqueness. The yellowish design it brings is different than any other news portal themes. Not only that, it has several interesting features for free version too but such features are limited in quantity. The theme homepage says, “The free version of newspaper theme is good for initial stage of setting up of a site by a novice as it is a minimal theme. But if you are entering into some serious business then we recommend using our premium newspaper WordPress theme as it has a pool of exclusive features and functionality.” And there is no doubt they are following it.

VW Newspaper

Infinity News

Infinity News is a Modern, vibrant, fresh & trendy WordPress Theme created specifically for blogging, online journal, magazine and news portal. If you are blogger or news publisher and write articles, stories, world news, have a travel blog or entertainment blog – share your article or life style story with Infinity News WordPress Theme. It also works for viral blog, personal travel blog and fits perfectly with projects like entertainment blog, News portal, professional magazine, niche blogs etc. Infinity News offers writers and bloggers a lot of handy functions (for their articles, stories and news), like WordPress Live theme Customizer, a number of diverse blog layouts, extra fast page load, improved new widgets and RTL support.

Infinity News


Mantranews WordPress theme is free news portal style WordPress theme. This theme is mainly applicable for news portal, personal blogs, creative blog, publishing house and any kind of informative websites. This theme has everything a news portal side needs including specific sidebars, popup, advertisements, etc. The pro version of this theme gives user more control and also ability to disable everything in their theme including header and footer.



FreeNews is a minimal, elegant, clean, modern and bold WordPress Magazine theme for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, blog or review sites. It also include all major aspects like responsive, performance, cross-browser compatible, SEO ready and supports RTL. It is ready to promotion with social media icons to reach maximum target audience. Responsive slider impress your customers with lively eye-catching images right on your banner section.



NewsStreet is a free WordPress theme for news and magazines websites. A unique design for those bloggers or websites which is totally focused on content presentation. NewsStreet theme is can be used by other types of websites like e-commerce, corporate, agency, business, blogging, cafe, consulting, travel, education, news portal, and news blog, etc. The theme supports most free and premium WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, Shortcodes Ultimate, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO and many more.


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